The Scott Barstow Show, Episode #017 – Jed Carlson, CEO of Adwerx and co-founder of Reverb Nation

jed carlson

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This is an interview I’ve been wanting to do since I started this podcast. Jed Carlson is the CEO of Adwerx and co-founder of Reverb Nation.

Jed is one of the best thinkers and communicators about business I’ve ever met. He has the gift of being able to take complex principles, distill them down to their component parts and then implement them in a way that few other people can.

You’ll hear evidence of this over and over again in our conversation.

Jed and I talk about:

  • The value of an MBA (you might be surprised by his answer)
  • How Jed sold junk mail in a briefcase door to door when he was 5
  • The start of Reverb Nation and Adwerx
  • How he thinks about successful partnerships (so much great stuff here!)
  • How he picks ideas and tests them before going all in
  • The difference between positions and interests with your customers – Fantastic!
  • The value of doing the early, hard work yourself as founders
  • and much more

Grab your notebook and listen in on my conversation with Jed Carlson.

  • Great interview. Definitely worth the time. I really appreciate Jed’s emphasis on customer acquisition.

    • scottbarstow

      Thanks Josh! Jed’s the best. A guy I look up to in many ways.