The Scott Barstow Show, Episode #022 – Anthony Pompliano, Managing Partner at Full Tilt Capital


My guest for this show is Anthony Pompliano, one of the founding partners of Full Tilt Capital. Full Tilt is a venture capital firm who specializes in moving quickly, with decisions on investments in as little as 48 hours. Anthony describes as “the new friends and family round.”

Pomp, as everyone calls him, has also run a major division at Facebook and spent time at SnapChat, has started and sold a couple of companies, and served in the US Army in Iraq. Everywhere he goes, he crushes it.

Pomp and I cover a lot of ground in this show, including:

  • Why he started Full Tilt Capital and the mission they’re on to change venture capital to be more founder-friendly
  • What he learned from his time in the military and being deployed in a war zone
  • His time at Facebook and SnapChat and his learnings from each
  • How he thinks about the current issues regarding race and the police (unique perspective that you should hear)
  • How Full Tilt evaluates companies
  • and more

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, a notebook, and listen in on my conversation with Anthony Pompliano of Full Tilt.

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