The Scott Barstow Show, Episode #023 – Josh Taylor of Blimey Cow and The Inner Tube

Josh Taylor

How do you build an audience, how is YouTube relevant for your startup, and how do you decide what projects are worth pursuing? I covered these questions and more with my guest for this episode, Josh Taylor.

Josh is a video creator, podcaster, and entrepreneur from Nashville, TN. He is most well-known for the video series called Blimey Cow which he started with his siblings in 2005. In the last decade, the comedy videos have accrued over 400,000 subscribers and 70 million total video views on YouTube. Josh also hosts a weekly podcast called The Inner Tube, designed to help beginners take their first steps into the world of content creation.

Josh and I also talk about the future of video, alternative education, and what it’s like to work with your family in business.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and listen in to my conversation with Josh Taylor of Blimey Cow.

Show Notes:

  • Awesome interview with a lot of important take aways!
    Too many projects, things becoming no fun after time, expecting success by just putting in a lot of time, etc… All things I am struggling with right now.

  • scottbarstow

    Thanks for the response Jason. Agree on the too many things vs. putting focus toward a few things that matter / can make a difference.

    Thanks for listening!