The Scott Barstow Show, Episode #024 – Josh Manley, CEO and founder of ReplyBuy


What’s the difference between clarity and certainty? How do you know when to listen to others advice and when to trust yourself? How do you test multiple markets for your product and then pick the right one?

My guest for this show is Josh Manley, CEO and founder of ReplyBuy. ReplyBuy is a real-time e-commerce platform that lets you buy tickets to major sporting events from the comfort of your smartphone’s text messaging app. ReplyBuy is addressing the ever-expanding market for last-minute purchases of unsold inventory, much like Hotels Tonight does for hotel rooms.
Josh started several companies in the e-commerce space prior to ReplyBuy, and was a catcher in the Arizona Diamondbacks system before hanging up his cleats to start his first company.
ReplyBuy is based in Phoenix, AZ, and has over 100 professional and major college sports teams on their platform as of this recording.
Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, a notebook and listen in on my conversation with Josh Taylor.
Show Notes: