August 2017 Must-Haves

Each month, on or around the 15th, I provide a list of books, podcasts, articles, music and occasionally an actual material good that I’ve come across over the last month that I think are essentials for moving you forward.

I love this month’s list, and I hope you do as well.

  • Droplr – This is an awesome screenshot sharing tool. Dead easy to use, allows you to quickly take screenshots, annotate, upload and share. Someone else introduced me to it. Great tool for quickly sharing ideas, edits, etc.
  • Michele Tafoya Interview – Growing up in an era where the only time you saw females in sports were either as studio personalities or as cheerleaders on the sidelines, I’ve come to really like a number of female sports journalists. Michele Tafoya is probably at the top of the list. She’s a consummate pro in every way. Her bullets in this interview on how she approaches life’s challenges belong on a poster.
  • Sapiens – Few books affect me the way this book has. As with an item on last month’s list, this book is mentioned in nearly every interview I listen to or read with people I respect. It does not disappoint. The exploration of human history is the best I’ve ever read. I got this on Audible and after the first few chapters it really gets moving.
  • Digging Now on Spotify – Wandered across this playlist a few weeks back and am loving it. Digging it, if you will.
  • Matin on Instagram – This guy lives quite the life. 747 pilot who flies around the world and takes some of the most amazing pictures ever.
  • Ozark on Netflix – Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. Love this show. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, I think you’ll like this. I just wrapped up season one and the last episode is jam-packed.
  • All or Nothing – Great series on Amazon Prime Video behind the scenes with the Arizona Cardinals during their 2015-2016 season. Even if you don’t like NFL football, this is a great look at how to lead a group of highly motivated professionals. Bruce Ariens, the coach of the Cardinals, is a compelling leader. Tons to learn here.
  • Professional vs Amateur – Great article on Farnam Street. Putting it on my wall.

I hope you enjoy this month’s list. See you soon!

  • +1 for Droplr, have used it at two companies. Have used the team plan and given it to all employees. Becomes indispensible and used 10X+ a day easily.

    The custom domain and custom branding on the share page are very nice touches as well. Have found that with partners external to the organization whatever type they might be, have commented on how ‘we’ all just seem more organized/put together/etc.

    The productivity savings in internal communication alone is 5-10x worth the monthly price.

    • scottbarstow

      I’m so in love with it i can’t even begin to tell you. Did not know about the custom domain stuff. That’s superb.

      Thanks for reading / responding