Wolf Boys

I read / watch just about everything I can on the drug war / drug trade. For some reason I have a morbid obsession with the topic. Wolf Boys is the true story of two boys who are lured into the drug trade at the Laredo border in Texas. Not only is the story very […]

The Book of Joy – Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

The Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu spent a week together at the Dalai Lama’s retreat in northern India and the author recorded all of the conversations. I liked this book because it gave an inside glimpse into two of the world’s most influential spiritual leaders of the last 30+ years. It was also the […]


Darknet is the first book I read by Matthew Mather. I also have read Cyberstorm which I highly recommend. Darknet is the story of a stockbroker who stumbles into a secret of one of the world’s largest corporations and is fighting for his life and his family’s lives (as well as several others in the same […]


Cyberstorm is a book about a small community’s quest to survive an all-out cyber attack on the US in the midst of one of the most deadly weather events in New York City history. I read this after reading Darknet by the same author (which I also really enjoyed). While I’m not a maniacal “prepper” […]

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

There’s not enough time to write about the greatness of this book. It is a seminal work on the history of humans, going way back in evolutionary history and walking forward to modern day. Exploring everything from why societies evolved to live in closer proximity to the causes of widespread destruction to why hunter-gatherers were […]

The Rational Optimist

The human condition has been improving, steadily, for thousands of years. Intuitively we know this, but at times it can be hard to remember. Matt Ridley does a masterful job of framing human progress and our ability to predictably overcome the obstacles that are put before us. Whether it’s the threat of starvation (“We’ll never […]

The Fourth Turning

If you were to meet me at a mixer and we got talking about books, this book would be one of the first that comes up for me. It’s hard to overstate how much this book has shaped my world view. Gaining an understanding of generational dynamics and how similar the time we are living […]

Coach Wooden and Me

I love books about basketball, generally, and anything about John Wooden. I just got done with this book and I would describe it as OK. Kareem is an OK story teller, and much of the book is spent talking about the fact that he is black, and how important that is to him, and how […]

With the Old Breed

This is the best book you will ever read about war time suffering and the power of the human spirit. E.B. Sledge is known throughout the military for his story and is a hero to many modern-day warriors. HBO’s series The Pacific was based on this book. This book is easily in my most-recommended list.